Movable Type 3.0

I have upgraded to Movable Type 3.0, and am trying to fix the templates at the moment. During the next days, posting comments might give some problems, but I am working on it.
On the web a lot of people complain about the new licences, but I haven’t got any problems with it. As this site uses only three webblogs –the main site, the photo site and one for static content– and has only one author –that’s me :-D–, I fall exactly within the limits of the free licence. And if I really need more, I have no problem paying for it. Let’s face it, they made a far better CMS than I will ever be able to make myself.
The installation went without any problems, the pesky part is in the Individual Archive templates. There have been many changes, and I will have to go through my code line-by-line to see what I have to change.
To make it even more difficult, they did not escape ampersands in their code! The same thing happened in their 2.66 update, and I really expected that they’d learned something. Anyway, soon I expect version 3.01, which fixes these errors in the JavaScript.
Another problem I ran into is their use of JavaScript as: ` = getCookie(“mtcmtmail”);`, which typically won’t work in documents served as `application/xhtml+xml`. I have to change all these lines to use the `document.getElementById` function.
You notice: work enough to do, so I’ll better get back into debugging mode.
**[Update 2004.05.17]**: They did escape ampersands, but that I was using the wrong version of their code.

Movable Type 3.0

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  1. I decided to work a little more professional, and placed back the old templates. I will continue working on the new template, but won’t use them on the site until I am completely satisfied.


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