Dooie Donders Club

The **Dooie Donders Club** is an infamous club in Harmelen, formed by four self proclaimed brothers. Until some years ago, they had a nice web site with plastic ducks and other toys as decoration. I made this site using Microsoft Frontpage, and maintained it for some years. It contained stories about the activities of this club, which had its highlight in 2000, with an appearance in the Dutch men magazine the _Panorama_ and the production of their CD _Dagobert, de heerser hier_. Shortly after, the site disappeared, and the club became dormant.
Last week I accidently found the text published in the Panorama, and thought that it was a pity that the history of the DDC is not available on the internet. But wait, maybe the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has saved something of that site. Indeed, it was all there. I quickly installed Mambo Open Source on my server, created a new subdomain, configured Mambo and copied the texts into new entries. And there it is: the DDC is **back**!!!
At the moment is a pretty default Mambo site, but I plan to make some custom templates to give the site some Dooie Donders sauce.

Dooie Donders Club

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