The end of Brain Links

Since June 2004 I have posted 953 links to interesting, new and funny sites in the Brain Links section of this site. Today I have decided that I will stop adding more links.
I noticed the last months that little by little I am adding less links, and I started to wonder why. I started collecting the Brain Links as a reference site for myself; a place where I could look up those handy sites I saw a month ago. But the reality is that nowadays I hardly look back at all those links. It has literally become a link dump, a black hole for interesting stuff. I guess that subconciously I already figured out that it is not worth the effort anymore.
So exit to Brain Links. Soon I will start remodelling the Brain Tags site, just as I have done with The Wizard of POS, which will probably result in a leaner site that is easier to maintain and update. At that point, the Brain Links will probably disappear completely — though I know that you should not break links…

The end of Brain Links

One thought on “The end of Brain Links

  1. Brain Links is back

    Only a week after I closed down Brain Links, Brain Links is back, albeit in a more simpler form: I created a new widget that fetches the last ten links from my account.


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